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All’s quiet on the weather front

Wow, I don’t need to look at the national forecast to know that there’s hardly any bad weather going on today…. I know just because of the lack of emails, comments, or debug data on the app.  Downloads of the … Continue reading

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Do you want to play a game?

I completely understand now the lure of games on Android phones.  No, not PLAYING them…developing them.  Why?  Because no one really cares if your game sucks, or breaks, or simply doesn’t work.  Sure, they may get angry and give you … Continue reading

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It’s NOT personal….

So, the honeymoon is over and the stars begin to fall.   It is oft criticized of the android market that the comments are a one-way street.  The customers can post anything they want, nice, evil, or simply wrong….and the developer … Continue reading

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One star??? Now I have a 4.5 average….

We’re into day 2 of Simple Weather Alert and Pro Weather Alert being released.  So far I’m seeing 1800 downloads of  SWA and 42 of PWA.  I have NO idea if that’s good or not, but I’m pretty pleased. Reviews have been … Continue reading

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So, that wasn’t easy…

Only an hour live and already have an error report!  And I’ve already posted an update too…so that’s not so bad.  At least, I HOPE I fixed it.  Man, it feels hard to go to sleep, because I’d hate for … Continue reading

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And we’re LIVE!!

With one final effort, we’ve now published our FIRST android apps….Simple Weather Alert and Pro Weather Alert.  The guts behind these apps is from some previous work I did with the NWS alerts feeds, and I thought  it’d be useful … Continue reading

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Approaching the finish line of the FIRST race….

It’s been almost, what, 3…4 weeks since starting on the current android project.  I should probably be concerned it has taken so long, given that it really doesn’t do much.  Oh sure, it’s a little more involved than a memory … Continue reading

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